Formal Concert Season
The Loveland Concert Band is open to all adults who have played a band instrument in high school or through college. There are no auditions for the band. Players generally start at the back of a section and move toward the front with experience. We ask that members attend 80% of the rehearsals before a concert - so be sure to contact the president or your section leader to find out when it would be best for you to start. Dues for the organization are $7.50 per concert ($25.00 for a full 4 concert season). We hope you will consider becoming a member of the Loveland Concert Band. You can pay your dues here .

If you plan to play any concert, contact Jim Wright, by email at least 1-2 weeks before each concert. Sign up by sending an email to Jim providing the following:


You are expected to attend all 5 rehearsals, but one absence may be excused by your section leader.

All rehearsals are in the band room at the rear (south) side of Mountain View High School, 3500 Mountain Lion Drive, Loveland just south of US34/Eisenhower 
(about 2 miles west of I-25).
Rehearsals are from 7:15pm to 9:15pm.

We are continuing with the third year of print-your-own-music. If you sign up to play a concert, you will receive an email with download link information a week before rehearsals start. You will also receive an email from your section leader assigning parts. For the few of you who cannot print your own music, you should be able to find another member of your section who is willing to help you out. (Payment in chocolate or similar appreciated).
For more information please contact President, Jim Wright at or by phone at 970-290-7674.  Download the schedule document for more requirements.

Schedule download

The 2017-2018 Concert Season

Concert 1 – Fall Concert: October 22, 2017 at 7pm

    5 Rehearsals: 09/18, 09/25, 10/02, 10/09, 10/16

Concert 2 – Holiday Concert: December 3, 2017 at 3pm
    5 Rehearsals: 10/23, 11/06, 11/13, 11/20, 11/27

Concert 3 – Raffle Concert: February 25, 2018 at 3pm
    5 Rehearsals: 01/22, 01/29, 02/05, 02/12, 02/19

Concert 4 – Spring Concert: April 22, 2018 at 3pm
     5 Rehearsals: 03/19, 03/26, 04/02, 04/09, 04/16  

Summer Season 2018
​The Loveland Concert Band is open to any adult with prior band experience or any Loveland high school student. There is only one rehearsal before each concert, so attendance at the rehearsal is mandatory to participate in the concert. The dues for the summer season are $10 (this is waived for members that played during the formal concert season). All members must wear the official Loveland Concert Band shirt (available at any rehearsal) which must be purchased by the member for $22.00.

All rehearsals are in the band room at the rear (south) side of Mountain View High School, 3500 Mountain Lion Drive, Loveland just south of US34/Eisenhower 
(about 2 miles west of I-25).
Rehearsals are from 7:15pm to 9:15pm.

(except for the July 4th Saturday rehearsal, which is at 10am at the Hammond Amphitheater)

We’re looking forward to another fun and fast-paced 6 weeks of early-summer music with the Loveland Concert Band, playing Tuesday concerts and July 4th in the Amphitheater at North Lake Park.

​Concerts performed at:
Lynn and Norma Hammond Amphitheater
North Lake Park
W 29th St and Taft Ave,
Loveland, CO
(located just south of the Loveland High School, 920 West 29th Steet)

  • Concert 1: Tuesday, June 5, 7:15pm
    • (rehearsals: Tuesday, May 29, 7:15pm & Mon, June 4, 7:15pm)
  • Concert 2: Tuesday, June 12, 7:15pm
    • (rehearsal: Monday, June 11, 7:15pm)
  • Concert 3: Tuesday, June 19, 7:15pm 
    • (rehearsal Monday, June 18, 7:15pm)
  • Concert 4: Tuesday, June 26, 7:15pm 
    • (rehearsal: Monday, June 25, 7:15pm)
  • Concert 5: Wednesday, July 4, 8:00pm
    • (rehearsals: Saturday, June 30, 10am (amphitheater) & Monday, July 2, 7:15pm)
  • Concert 6: Tuesday, July 10, 7:15pm 
    • (rehearsal: Monday, July 9, 7:15pm)

ACTION: Please reply with an email indicating which concerts you expect to play.  This is just to get an idea of section sizes for each concert.  This will also allow section leaders to contact you about what music parts you will be playing.

ACTION: All musicians must wear an official red Loveland Concert Band polo shirt at concerts.  If you need a shirt, please specify M or W (men’s/women’s) and size. The shirts tend to run a bit large.

MUSIC: We are continuing the “print your own” music plan that was very successful for the regular concert season. You will receive one download link for the entire summer season and may print music for some or all of the concerts from that link. There may be someone for whom this is a particular hardship and we will do our best to find a way to help out. If you have problems contact Jim Wright.

Below is the reservation form for registering which concerts in the 2017 summer concerts you want to play. If you plan to play, please fill out the information below and email to Jim Wright ( via your email program. 
Please Put "Summer Band" and your name in the Subject line. Thanks!!

Subject: Summer Band: Your Name


Night/weekend Phone no.:
Do you receive texts at that no. ___ Y/N
Preferred email if different than you sent from:
__ June 5 
__ June 12 
__ June 19 
__ June 26 
__ July 4
__ July 10 
__ M or W
__ Size